Hwang jung eum và park seo joon

Ever since Park Seo-Joon first appeared on our TV screens, his star power has endured. And no matter what role he does, he has this certain charm that gets us every time—he’s the “Master of lãng mạn comedy,” after all!

While we bởi vì watch his dramas to lớn see his gorgeous face, it wouldn’t be a success if it weren"t for his on-screen partners, too.

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So, as we celebrate PSJ’s 32nd birthday today, we want to lớn know, who aước ao PSJ’s leading ladies is your favorite?

Hwang Jung-eum in She Was Pretty (2015)

Hwang Jung-eum và Park Seo-joon’s pairing in She Was Pretty is proof that opposites do attract.

PSJ played as Ji Sung-joon, an aloof guy, who after years of studying & working in the US, returns to lớn Korea as a magazine editor. While Hwang Jung-eum plays Kyên ổn Hye-jin, Sung-joon’s childhood frikết thúc & a clumsy & quirky but driven magazine intern.

Despite Sung-joon’s strong và arrogant personality, he grew into a charming man who eventually falls for the funny Hye-jin.

Park Seo-joon và Hwang Jung-eum

Kim Ji-won in Fight For My Way (2017)

Do you agree that men and women can’t just be friends? Well, Kyên ổn Ji-won & PSJ in Fight For My Way proves it right.

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Choi Ae-ra (Kim Ji-won), an aspiring television announcer, and best friend Ko Dong-man (PSJ), a former taekwondo athlete-turned-aspiring MMA artist, grew up together chasing their dreams. After years of hiding her feelings for Dong-man, the two best friends fall in love sầu.

Park Seo-joon và Kyên ổn Ji-Won

Park Min-young in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? (2018)

Park Min-young and PSJ’s on-screen chemistry in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? was too real that fans suspected they were dating in real life. Though they denied the rumors, we still can’t help but feel kilig just thinking about it!

Min-young plays Kyên ổn Mi So, Vice Chairman Lee Young-joon’s (PSJ) secretary of nine years. Tired of her boss’ narcissistic and arrogant ways, Mi So declared she’ll resign. Young-joon is caught off guard & asks her lớn wait until they find a replacement. Later on, the two develop a thắm thiết connection, which they decided lớn hide from their colleagues.

Park Seo-joon và Park Min-young

Kim Da-mi in Itaewon Class (2020)

They say age is just a number—and indeed it is! Despite their age gap, we found an interest in PSJ và Kim Da-mi’s love sầu story on Itaewon Class.

Da-mày plays Jo Yi-Seo, a talented social truyền thông influencer in her late teens, who develops a crush on a random guy she met in Itaewon named Park Saeroyi (PSJ). Seeing that Saeroyi is struggling khổng lồ keep his business afloat, she decides to lớn help hlặng by volunteering as DamBam’s manager.

Though it was a one-sided love sầu at first, in the over, Saeroyi let go of his feelings for his childhood frikết thúc Oh Soo Ah & went for Yi-Seo.